Hi! I am 21 this year and I’m from Singapore. Cybersecurity is what I’m enthusiastic about 😊. I have no specialization thus far as I am still exploring, but I have experience in fields like digital forensics, reverse engineering and malware analysis, web application security, and penetration testing. Vulnerability research in OSs (including mobile) and browsers is something I hope to also learn. My weaknesses, regrettably, would be applied cryptography and hardware-related topics 😅. We shall see if that ever changes!

Prominent Participations

Event Placing Top % Type Scope Additional
2022 Minerva Evasive CTF 1st - Individual Global
2022 Brainhack CDDC 3rd - Team of 4 Local
2022 Grey Cat The Flag Qualifiers 4th 0.88% Team of 3 Global 2 First Blood Prizes
2022 Cyber Apocalypse: Intergalactic Chase 13th 0.35% Team Global
2022 NahamCon CTF 13th 0.40% Team Global
2022 CTF.SG CTF 3rd - Team of 4 Local
2021 HTX Investigators’ Challenge Top 0.87% Team Local
2021 Metasploit Community CTF 7th 2.64% Team Global
2021 MetaCTF CyberGames 24th 1.79% Team Global
2021 Malwarebytes CrackMe 3 6th - Individual Global Writeup Contest Main Prize
2021 BuckeyeCTF 7th 1.39% Team Global
2021 CSAW CTF Qualification Round 23rd 1.89% Team Global
2021 YauzaCTF 9th 3.96% Team Global
2021 DEFCON 29 Red Team Village CTF Qualifiers 16th - Team Global
2021 STANDCON CTF 7th - Team of 4 Local
2021 Securebug.se CTF Loki 5th 5.88% Team Global
2021 TyphoonCon CTF 10th - Team Global
2021 Brainhack CDDC 3rd - Team of 4 Local
2021 DawgCTF 13th 2.18% Team Global
2021 UMDCTF 8th 1.65% Team Global
2021 DSO-NUS CTF - - Team of 2 Local Provisional Winner
2019 Brainhack CDDC Finals 6th - Team of 4 Local Silver Award
2019 Brainhack CDDC Qualifiers 1st 1.96% Team of 4 Local

The “Top %” statistics are calculated with the exclusion of teams who registered/participated but did not score any points.
The hyphen - usually denotes data that is unavailable.

Site Implementation

The site is built with Hugo, themed with zzo and deployed to Netlify.
I decided to try something different from the usual Jekyll + Github Pages combo, so this is the result!
I’m not at all an expert on web design and development so if you have any suggestions or improvements regarding the site’s accessiblity/usability/performance, feel free to contact me here because I would be eager to learn.


The site only uses Google Tag Manager for a single Google Analytics 4 tag that tracks page views! The tag anonymizes IPs by default, and also respects the Do Not Track setting by detecting it with a short script:

function () {
  var dnt = (navigator.doNotTrack || window.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack);
  if (dnt == "1" || dnt == "yes") {
    return "1";

Although the zzo theme comes with many other possible analytics integrations, they are not used and disabled. Netlify Analytics is also not used.
In the event that Twitter/Vimeo/Youtube media are embedded via Hugo shortcodes, I have enabled privacy settings in my site’s configuration to respect Do Not Track and also lessen tracking:

    enableDNT = true
    enableDNT = true
    privacyEnhanced = true
    respectDoNotTrack = true
    anonymizeIP = true